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enchanted-teacups-and-real-boys sent: "Hiya, Miss! I'm Chip! You're really pretty!"

Tiana bent down to the young boy with a smile. “Hi there, Chip! I’m Tiana. Thank you, sweetheart. How old are you??”

flynniganfitzherbert-deactivate sent: Hi Tiana! Nice to meet you. I'm Eugene.

Hi there, Eugene! The pleasure’s all mine. How are you?

maiden-of-dunbroch sent: "Oh, hullo there!," Merida grinned happily as she curtsied. "I'm Merida!", she piped, eyes watching her with curiosity."... and your skin! It's... darker than mine!", she gasped, reaching to touch her hand gingerly. "They say people with darker skin are very strong, independent and genuinely brave people... You're such a lucky lassie!"

"Hi there, Merida," Tiana returned the smile and the curtsy. "It’s a pleasure meetin’ you. My name’s Tiana." At first, Tiana was skeptical of Merida’s comment on her darker skin, but soon after she gave a warm smile in response to the compliment. "Is that what they say? Well, I suppose I am pretty lucky then, huh? Thank you very much," she paused. "I have to say, I really do love your hair. I’m sure you get that a lot, but I think it’s lovely." 

squeaker-squeak-squeaken sent: You like to cook too?! *squeals*

*laughs* I sure do! I just love cookin’. I take it you do too?

Hey everybody!

My name’s Tiana. It’s a pleasure being here with y’all!